Religious freedom is the most critical need of the moment in a divided world. From Christians in Iraq and Muslims in Burma to Buddhist monks in China, persecution of religious minorities is a truly global issue and the deteriorating conditions under which people of faith are suffering requires our urgent attention.

A Common Goal

Through our inter-faith dialogue work we have brought together religious leaders, politicians, the media, believers and non-believers. We have a common goal and are working together to make it happen. We also need your support in calling for an end to the violence and intolerance. We can only overcome the oppression by opposing it. Join with us.

A Global Challenge

We are working in over 140 countries, supporting more than 5,000 projects each year. We support the freedom for people to practise their beliefs without fear of persecution. We are helping the victims of persecution in some of the most troubled parts of the world. Help us build a future where people of all faiths and none can live together in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect.

One of our projects in  Central African Republic

One of our projects in Central African Republic, where a rebel militia group seized power in March 2013. Christians in particular are being targeted by militant Islamist units within the militia. Their acts of terror have included rape, murder and torching the homes of innocent civilians.

We can only continue our vital work with the support of people like you. Please support us in calling for peace and tolerance today.


Make a difference

Together we are...

  • Supporting inter-faith dialogue projects across the world including Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq and India.
  • Providing practical help to refugees of all faiths, fleeing conflict in Syria and Iraq.
  • Giving a voice to persecuted minorities through our international networks.
  • Calling for prayer and peaceful solidarity to end religious discrimination and injustice.

Let’s end religious persecution all together.